Thursday, April 30, 2020

Life Lately | April

While March was cleanly split between pre-COVID and now, April all blurs together. Between so little happening day to day and only leaving my building for (1) daily walks, (2) groceries once a week, and (3) takeout from local restaurants once or twice a week, there's not much to add to what I said last month

However, I've reached the point where my routines are on autopilot and there's new space in my schedule. In the beginning of quarantine my days looked like: quiet time - workout - work - walk outside - bed. Now I've set more firm working hours and have pockets of free time to fill. I'm reading through my backlog of Kindle titles and my unread shelf. I started a Christian Ethics course online, steadily making my way through sessions about a framework of ethics and principles for individual quandaries. I'm checking off baking projects that have been bookmarked for months.

And I'm thinking through monthly goals, the purpose of them and whether things I write down in my planner really need to be "goals" or not. April was a guessing game, and many of the things I wrote down ("gather prayer requests," "FT/Zoom with friends," and "read every day") happened naturally without needing to make them goals to actively work toward.

Now that quarantine is a little more settled, I'm shifting my goals for May and taking on different challenges, and I'm excited to see what comes of it.
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