Saturday, May 30, 2020

Life Lately | May

Life continues to be slow. COVID carries on, cancelling all plans in its path and bringing a measure of caution into every activity. Yet things are slowly re-opening - local parks unlocked their parking lots a week ago, allowing me to run on my favorite trails again for the first time since March. I've taken advantage of the lingering daylight and evening warmth to grab cocktails to-go and sip them on my balcony with a book, enjoying the background sounds of neighborhood kids squealing and rackets smacking tennis balls and birds chirping across the street. I've dipped my toe into the baking world, making bread + biscuits + brownies each from scratch for the first time. I splurged on a dutch oven, solidifying a commitment to the intermediate kitchen arts.

Two and a half months of staying at home is like living in a world without FOMO for the first time, and with that freedom from external inputs comes new money habits. Without trying, I've saved so much money from not eating out or buying new clothes or traveling. It's an interesting thing, seeing how little I spend when there are no time gaps to fill or events to attend or people to impress.

As mentioned in April, I've spent more time thinking through goals and what I want to do with my time, and not just during this quarantine - what long-term projects I could start, anything creative that I've previously shoved to the backburner for a lack of time. So far I've cooked/baked more and run more long distance trails, but I'm stuck trying to determine anything more conventionally creative. And so perhaps that will be my goal for June, to find something worth investing time and creative energy in.
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