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2015 | Book Challenge No.10

I was 3 books away from finishing this book challenge before 2016 but fell short at the end. Fifty books was an ambitious goal, especially as I started it more than halfway through the year. Even so, I read numerous books that I wouldn't have read if I hadn't done this challenge, and even though I won't be doing a similar challenge in 2016, I'm happy I chose one for 2015.

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46. A New York Times bestseller - The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
Tan's popular book - which earned a television adaptation four years after publication - focuses on four mothers and four daughters, with four parts divided into four chapters each. Each one focuses on the mother-daughter dynamic and the shared bonds between all the women, some with joyful tales and others with painful connections. The Joy Luck Club spans 40 years, beginning with the mothers' mah jong group in the 1940s and continuing on until the death of one of the mothers. Though there isn't much of a plot, the constantly shifting narration makes the story enjoyable as a collection of relationships seen from different angles.

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Rose Parade

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2015 Rewind + 2016 Looking Ahead

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