Friday, February 28, 2020

Life Lately | February

January brought big changes in multiple spheres of life -- a new job, a breakup, a new church search -- and February was spent settling into those changes. Each one has been good and needed, and yet each also brings their own set of uncertainties and what now? that extend beyond the initial decision.

January involved mostly external transitions, but February brought inward ones - changes in how I tackle things in my personal life:
  • I finally, actually did the math on my income and expenses and realized I'm better off month-to-month than I thought. Though I overspent on travel and friends' birthdays this month, I'm set up for ~knowledge-empowered~ spending in the future.
  • After falling off the tight digital minimalism habits of early 2019, I was inspired by Val Woerner's post about screen time limits to re-introduce the Screen Time limits to my phone. I've narrowed down my "social apps" (texting and IG) to 45 minutes a day, and what a relief it is to shut down my phone once I've hit that limit.
  • Perhaps most importantly, I realized just how much of my decision-making was based on the opinions and concerns of other people. Not so much the things they say, but how they live their lives - I'm prone to adopting other people's habits and choices (travel to specific cities! buy lots of plants! keep an overstuffed bookcase!) without considering whether those things work for me, much less if I enjoy them.
February also brought a few noteworthy events on its own: co-hosting a (personally awkward) goodbye party for an ex/friend who moved away from D.C.; traveling to Gettysburg, PA and NYC; attending out-of-office work events; and celebrating a friend's leap year birthday. 

2020 has already been different than what I expected, but in the best ways possible. Here's to March, and whatever newness it brings.
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