Monday, February 24, 2020

24 Hours in Manhattan

February 14-15, 2020

Though I've been to NYC many times, this was my first trip on my own. And while I love traveling with others, there's something particularly nice about setting your own agenda in a city you know well and taking a not-quite-full-weekend to yourself. I took this particular 24 hour period to re-explore the Upper West Side and Chelsea and take in the previously unseen East and West Villages. 

As always, I did a few familiar things (Box Kite Coffee, Central Park, the High Line, the Strand) with a few new things (Veselka, Jack's Wife Freda, Citizens of Chelsea, Washington Square Park, Glossier), choosing to walk instead of taking the subway and consequently packing in ten miles of rambling around town. 

It felt less like a trip or vacation and more like a pop-in to a favorite corner of the world. With such easy ways to get between D.C. and NYC, there's no surprise this continues to be a frequent getaway of mine.
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