Monday, August 6, 2018

A Sister Weekend in NYC | Day 1

July 26, 2018

"A sister weekend in [insert city]" is becoming a series now, it seems, after parts one and two in D.C., and I'm rolling with it.

Our first day was a wearying half day. After an hour drive to Dulles, a pleasant 45-minute flight to JFK, a short but chaotic AirTrain ride to Jamaica Center, and an hour-plus multiple-transfers subway ride to Prospect Park, we were finally able to drop off our luggage and relax a little. We stayed in this lovely little Airbnb in Lefferts Garden, Brooklyn, which is a relatively untouched, quiet little family neighborhood not yet overrun by twentysomethings.

We stuck with seeing the big touristy places the first day, both as an anchoring point -- this is NYC! -- and to get them out of the way. We walked through Times Square to catch the lights and signs, ate (drank?) frozen hot chocolate at the iconic -- and yes, a little overrated -- Serendipity on the Upper East Side, walked through Central Park at golden hour in the oppressively heavy air, then took the subway back to Brooklyn for a sushi and tea dinner at a tiny shop recommended by our Airbnb host. After a tiring day of traveling and covering some of the geographically larger sites, we were ready for an early night to ready ourselves for a full day in the city.

Kulushkät -- Mediterranean place in Lefferts Garden
Serendipity 3 -- the iconic frozen hot chocolate
Silver Rice -- sushi place in Lefferts Garden

Central Park
Plaza Hotel
Times Square
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