Friday, August 17, 2018

A Sister Weekend in NYC | Day 3

July 28, 2018

Day 3 was perhaps my favorite day in NYC. We followed the same pattern as the days before -- a wandering path through Brooklyn before heading into Manhattan -- but this time everything we did, aside from the Met, was brand new to me, and I loved seeing new parts of a city I know, particularly places I've wanted to see for a long time.

We began with coffee at the beautifully aesthetic Williamsburg hipster favorite, Toby's Estate, before heading onward to brunch at the beautifully aesthetic Williamsburg hipster favorite, Sunday in Brooklyn. We both ordered fancy cocktails and heaping plates of deliciously overpriced breakfast essentials, and I'm not exaggerating when I say we waddled out of the place.

We unsuccessfully stopped at a vintage store, then subway-ed into Manhattan for a couple hours of wandering and shopping (do New Yorkers turn "subway" into a verb the way D.C. turns "metro" into one? please advise). We started at The Strand, the bookstore housing 18 miles of books under one roof. I could have easily stayed for hours, but for the sake of my non-book-loving sister, we only stayed long enough for me to skim the majority of the shelves and buy a single book. We spent an hour or two in NoLIta pausing in a few of the trendy and tried-and-true spots -- Everlane, Macbar, Prince St. Pizza, a few art vendors along the narrow Prince St. sidewalk -- then headed uptown to visit the Met.

The Heavenly Bodies exhibit is currently on display, and having been to the Met and seen the permanent exhibits before, it was my favorite part of the museum this trip. The costumes and clothing were absolutely stunning, if also a little bizarre and frightening at times. We got a kick out of the overdramatic choral music; the exhibit sits in the middle of the first floor and we had to pass through it several times to get to the outer wings, and every single time we would walk from a normal museum hallway to an instantly dark and ominous mood and start laughing. My favorite permanent space in the museum remains the Temple of Dendur, but the rooftop bar would have made for a close second if the weather had been more pleasant. 

We stopped for coffee again in the late afternoon, this time at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in Gramercy Park, then took the Q back to Brooklyn for another poke bowl and tea dinner at Silver Rice in Lefferts Garden. As it was our last full day and the last day we would spend in Manhattan, we made sure to hit the majority of places we wanted to see in the city, but there are also plenty of things left to see for future trips, and I'm already looking forward to my next trip up.

Toby's Estate
Sunday in Brooklyn
Prince Street Pizza
Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
Silver Rice

The Strand
The Met
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