Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Sister Weekend in DC

August 9-11, 2017

Moving to a new place on your own can be a lonely experience, especially when the people you most often talk to back home don't understand your new life. So it was with immense joy that I met my sister at the Springfield Metro station on a particularly hot afternoon and was able to show her around DC for a couple of days.

We spent the first day in Alexandria, criss-crossing the town in pursuit of good coffee, homemade pop tarts, and house pretzels with beer cheese, a culinary adventure that inadvertently set the tone for the rest of her visit. I've become used to dining alone since college, but having someone else with me emboldened me to step into places I hadn't yet  been before. 

The second day was spent in Georgetown and Chinatown / Penn Quarter, where we took in all of the cultural spots: Georgetown Waterfront Park, The Great Wave mural on O Street, the American Art Museum, and the Chinatown archway, taking breaks to visit all the good food spots in between. The third day was similarly split between two districts of the city: U Street and the Mall, again breaking for food stops whenever feasible.

In classic sibling fashion, we squabbled about the finer details: my version of "just a few blocks further" is different than my sister's, and with my apparently "inhumanly long strides" and adjustment to miles of walking every day meant she was very unhappy with the distances between the sites I'd pre-picked to visit. Nevertheless, together we appreciated all of the coffee shops and brunch spots and city scenery, and it was great to finally see one of my favorite people again for a few days.
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