Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


Four of the sun (US Marine Hospital) (2021), Firelei Báez

Untitled (Drexciya) (2020), Firelei Báez

Nature Morte aux Harengs (1915-1916), Chaïm Soutine

April 14, 2024


The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is one of the most recommended places to go when in Copenhagen, so I knew we had to prioritize it - and we were not disappointed. Located on the coast, about an hour north of the city by train, the museum is one of the most unique I've ever been to.


The two main exhibits on display at the time were by Firelei Báez and Chaïm Soutine, each of whom has/had a unique relationship to the art world's trends and outputs. I loved the opportunity to take my time with each artist's work, unrushed. The museum also has an extensive sculpture garden that wraps around the building, and a few pathways down to the shoreline.

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