Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Copenhagen, Part I


April 10-17, 2024


Ever since my week in London in 2022, I'd been looking for an opportunity to take another European trip. Copenhagen wasn't high on my list until I took a Scandinavian film course on Coursera last fall, and after immersing myself in the region's TV shows and movies I was eager to see Copenhagen for myself. I decided that for my 30th birthday (fall 2024) I would do a Scandinavia trip. But then in January, a spring flight deal for Copenhagen came through my email, and I decided not to waste the opportunity and booked a trip for April with a friend. We jokingly called it a "29.5 half-birthday trip."


(A quick plug for visiting in April. It's between spring break and the end of the school year, so the city isn't flooded with students. The weather is warming up and the sun stays out longer, and places that close for the winter have reopened.)


Copenhagen is a small city, so we didn't feel the need to plot a schedule or book reservations like we did for London. We mapped out a loose itinerary but kept the days fluid. Copenhagen is so easily navigable by foot or public transportation (we were scared of the bikes), and the sites are even closer than we thought, that we could easily ask "what do we feel like doing right now?" and get ourselves there quickly without overthinking it. 


As for the city itself - beautiful. Street after street of old buildings, canals cutting through neighborhoods, and very few high rises disturbing the skyline. It feels like a city that people actually live in; we saw so many families and older adults, not just young professionals. I can't - and shouldn't - say anything definitive because I was only there for a week, but what I observed was a city that appears to function well, serves its residents well, and preserves its history and beauty. In short, a city well worth visiting.

Recommendations in part ii!

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