Monday, June 5, 2023

Cape Cod | Provincetown, Yarmouth, Sandwich



May 19-20, 2023


From Providence, I drove the hour-ish further to Cape Cod. I'd never been before but crowdsourced recommendations from current and former Mass-based friends and found myself with a hodge-podge list of suggestions that stretched the entirety of the Cape. 


I began the long weekend in Provincetown and moved my way south, each day tackling a new section. I'm not much of a beach person, nor did the weather cooperate for most of the weekend, so aside from climbing the dunes near Provincetown and eating on the water once I did few true beach things. But the Cape is full of small, historic towns with of old homes, mom and pop shops, and stunning natural areas, and I found plenty of ways to fill the time.


 Recs //

-Dune Shacks Trail (Provincetown)

- The Canteen (Provincetown)

- Portuguese Bakery (Provincetown)

- Boardwalk at Greys Beach (Yarmouth)

- Beth's Bakery (Sandwich)

- Historic area (Sandwich)

- Bread + Roses (Hyannis)

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