Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Getaway Asheboro (Solo Winter Edition)


January 16-18, 2023


During the last few winters I've taken a solo weekend trip, tired of the same old cold and dark around me and wanting to see something different without splurging. In DC it was easy to pick a city a couple hours away, but Raleigh's a bit less conveniently located, so my options are narrower. But, after a successful early summer trip to Getaway Asheboro with a friend last year, I decided to book a tiny cabin for myself and skip a big city trip.


It was a perfect mini vacation. I stayed Monday through Wednesday, and spent the majority of the time in the cabin reading books, listening to music, and journaling. On Tuesday I explored Asheboro and revisited The Table (a great cafe find from last trip), as well as found a local coffee shop (Bold Coffee Co) and a few antique malls (where I bought some beautiful new drinking glasses). I could not have asked for a better few days.

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