Saturday, November 5, 2022

A Week of Chasing Sunrises




I've neglected this space over the last few years, unsure of what to do with it but unable to let it go completely. But lately, I've missed using it and being able to look back at old posts to see what I was up to in the past. So for now, I'm picking it back up again as an avenue to to share what I've been doing and what I'm excited about, a documentation of life at the turn of a new season of life. 
When I was most recently in the DC area petsitting for a friend, I woke up early every day to watch the sunrise. Though I don't often catch it, sunrise is my favorite time of day; mornings are quiet, uncrowded, and carry all the possibilities of the day ahead. And so, I took advantage of the shortening daylight hours and the sun's consequent later rise to watch each one that week, either from a nearby marina or a local park, soaking in the views and the calm, often with a few other strangers around enjoying the same thing.

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