Monday, October 31, 2022

A Few Parting Thoughts on DC + a Life Update



It's been a few months since I've updated this space, and before I move on to more recent events, here are a few snapshots of my final weeks in DC.
Up until a week before moving, I had mixed feelings about leaving DC. I soaked in every moment with friends, every drive across town, every visit to my favorite cafes and coffee shops, every hike on my favorite trail and run through my neighborhood. And then I hit a point where I was just - ready to go. I had savored the moments, mourned my leaving before I even left, and then was ready to move on to the next thing. And in the two months I've been gone, I haven't regretted my move or missed my old house once (though to be fair, there were some complicated factors in my last house that made me glad to leave it).
It's been two months since I've moved to Raleigh, and yet I've been so on-the-go that I'm just now settling in. I was at my parents' house in Raleigh for only a week before going back up to DC for two weeks to catsit for a coworker, then back down to my parents' house for three weeks before a week and a half of running around NYC and London. This past weekend I moved into my new place, a friend's cozy house painted in deep royal shades. And with this final move, a much longed for resumption of the routines and hobbies that keep me feeling like myself.
As much as I love to travel and petsit and spend my days in different locations, it's been a rough couple of months going from place to place without having my own space as a "base," somewhere to reset before going to the next thing. This ever-moving season has been brief and good but it's also been a lot of movement and not a lot of grounding, and for that reason, I'm excited to be in my own space and make my routines my own again. 
Moving to Raleigh was the right move. DC was the right move at that time, and I'm so thankful for that time living there - and I'm glad that I'm in a new season now, back in Raleigh. The future is a completely blank slate. I have no big plans yet, no new goals or big milestones. But it's an exciting persepctive: to look to the future and see it wide open.
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