Monday, December 21, 2020

2020 | Goals Recap


I expected to look back at the list I made at the beginning of the year and have accomplished little to none of it, and yet -- the Lord works in mysterious ways. 


Invest in spiritual and personal growth - DONE. As with all growth, it wasn't linear. There were more than a few periods of floundering, but I'm coming out at the end feeling stronger in my faith.


Form health plan that works for my needs and schedule - Let's be honest: we all ate a lot of cookies during quarantine. But I stayed consistent with daily workouts, learned more cooking skills, and took daily walks over the spring and summer. I'm counting this one a win, considering the year it's been.


Steward finances: less spending, more saving, more giving - DONE. This is a delicate subject, considering how many people lost jobs this year. For me, quarantine was a chance to re-evaluate financial habits and step back from spending money. My extra money went into my savings account and to several local nonprofits, most often an emergency rent + utilities fund, a food bank, and a legal aid clinic. I feel extremely blessed to still have my job during this time and be able to support organizations in my community.


Make new job my own and excel in it - DONE. The pandemic brought many unexpected opportunities and challenges, and I was able to grow my professional skills in ways I never imagined.


Spend quality time with friends and make new friends - HAHAHA


Make an effort to keep up with my family - DONE. My job has been remote since March and I've been able to spend about two and a half months in total in Raleigh with my family, far more than I've been able to the rest of the time I've lived in DC.


Prioritize screen-free hobbies - While I've been more mindful this year of prioritizing hobbies like reading and cooking, there's only so much you can limit when you work from home and can't go anywhere for months.

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