Monday, October 8, 2018

High As Hope Tour | Florence + the Machine

October 5, 2018

A dream of a night seeing my absolute favorite musician six years after the first time I saw her live, ten years after falling in love with her and her music. I remember burning my favorite tracks from Lungs onto CDs for the car when I first learned how to drive, playing Ceremonials on repeat as I drove to and from community college classes my senior year of high school, streaming How Big How Blue How Beautiful in a friend's flat in Germany whilst on exchange, staying up on a weeknight to hear High As Hope the moment it released not quite seven months into my first real job.

When she sang "Cosmic Love" on Friday I unexpectedly found myself tearing up; her albums have played through the moments of my life for ten years, and there I was, seven feet, at one point mere inches, from her for an evening, singing and dancing along with several thousand others who have their own memories and moments with her music, and it was pure joy.
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