Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Coffee Tour of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD | February 10, 2018

After a few initial back-and-forths, a new friend and I decided to roadtrip to Baltimore to explore some of the local coffee shops. We had both been to Baltimore before, but on my previous visit I was less interested coffee and I hadn't been anywhere besides the Starbucks in the Inner Harbor. So, with a spare Saturday and only an hour's drive, we met up and tried a few local favorites.

We started at Artifact, and honestly, it was so good I would've been fine ending our coffee tour there. Artifact is nestled inside a stone house and feels wonderfully cozy; it was raining that day, and we arrived right at lunch time so we settled down at a communal table and ordered brunch food with our coffee. From there, we visited Ceremony's flagship store, clean cut and with its minimalist decor. I have a love-hate relationship with Ceremony's coffee, as I love some of their blends and despite others (Spring and Mass Appeal, I'm looking at both of you), but I tried their Rwanda pourover and it was excellent. Our last stop was at Order & Chaos, where we both tried macadamia nut milk lattes for the first time.

We stayed at each place for about an hour each, enjoying the coffee and the environment and our conversations. Having only met this friend twice in person before, I was hesitant to dive into a day trip together, but there was hardly a lull in conversation the whole eight hours we spent together. Reading people's blogs and following them on instagram has led to some great online friendships, but it's also been fantastic getting to know an online person IRL. I love getting to do some of my favorite weekend activities with someone who loves it just as much - or even more - than I do.
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