Thursday, August 27, 2015

Carolina Beach

August 23, 2015

The ocean lies a mere two hours away from where I attend university, and as it's such an easy drive myself and a few friends make the trip at least once every fall semester. This year we went a few weeks earlier than usual as we wanted to finally go to Britt's Donuts, a Carolina Beach staple, and they close after Labor Day. We had stayed out late the night before so we postponed our departure until 10am where, after a quick breakfast stop at Dunkin Donuts, we were on our way to the Big A.

The weather was perfect for a beach day; the water the warm with few clouds and the sun burned hot but not overwhelmingly so, - shocking for NC in August. It was the most relaxed day I've had in a long, long time. We stayed out on the sand until 7pm, reading, sleeping, occasionally swimming, with not a care for the time or the responsibilities waiting for us at home. Jenny was, as always, our designated DJ for the ride home and we were subjected to listened to old middle school jams and plenty of Taylor Swift. Having such a carefree Sunday was the perfect day to end the weekend before the first full week of classes.

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