Monday, May 12, 2014


Monday was my last day of exams and consequently my last day of freshman year! Summer break began with a trip to Baltimore, where my roommate for next semester lives, and I stayed with her and her parents and their English springer for 5 days. I had never been to Baltimore before and my roommate just moved there so she showed me some of the places she had already discovered and we explored new areas together.

She lives between the Inner Harbor and Fells Point so we mostly stayed in those areas without venturing too far into the city. The Inner Harbor was more of the tourist-friendly area with the massive Barnes & Noble and Hard Rock Café and it had most of the shopping. Fells Point is a historic district and it has cobblestone roads and little shops in old buildings with connecting basements. I was expecting it to be like a smaller version of NYC because of its size and close proximity to water, but it was actually unlike any other city I've been to. It felt big while walking around, but the buildings weren't crowded together and there weren't nearly as many people. The harbor's location as a boundary marker for one side of the city made it seem much more open than NYC does even in the river areas.
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