Wednesday, June 5, 2019

June Goals

May recap (original post here)//

I completed all of the weekly and monthly goals I set in May but stumbled on the daily goals. I was away from home for two weeks in May, which meant food options were often out of my control and I spent more money than I thought I would. Additionally, I didn't include any "easy," measurable daily challenges like cups of water or hours of sleep, which was de-motivating after a few days of reaching no goals. Lessons learned for June: give myself a mix of measurable and abstract goals.

New Monthly //

hike 1x
give away books on instagram
implement monthly budget
book Cape Cod trip
add money to savings account
join hiking ground on meetup 

New Weekly //

write + publish one article (blog or medium)
daily average screen time <2hrs
read one book from unread shelf
run 1-2x
Sabbath on weekend

New Daily //

mindful spending
low/no sugar + dairy
7.5+ hours of sleep
phone away at 9pm
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