Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May Goals

It's been a long while since I've shared my monthly goals, but in the spirit of pushing myself to write more, I'm sharing them again. As someone who far too often scribbles down a series of goals and then forgets about them, I've found breaking down my goals into monthly, weekly, and daily steps and keeping the list pinned to a board above my desk an effective way of staying on track. I've copied down each of the three categorizations below.

Monthly //

go on a hike (already done!)
add money to savings account
publish 2-3 articles somewhere other than this blog  (1 down, 1-2 to go)
evaluate monthly costs + subscriptions

Weekly //

write + publish one blog post
get daily average screen time on phone below 2 hours
read one book from unread bookshelf
take a Sabbath
complete weekly apartment cleaning routine
do one "networking" thing (email old contact, connect with someone new, etc)

Daily // 

no spending (not looking for perfection, just more days with nos than yeses)
no sugar (same as no spending)
duolingo (spanish + german)

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