Wednesday, May 22, 2019



May 4, 2019

May started roughly. A few unexpected things happened that filled the following weeks with new transitions, and I sought space and time, alone, to process.

Early on a Saturday morning, I took the hour-ish drive down to the little colonial-era town of Fredericksburg. I parked at Old Mill Park and walked along the Rappahannock River and cut through town, following the canal loop. I grabbed coffee at Hyperion, ate BBQ at Allman's, and bought even more books at Riverby. It was the perfect kind of day with no set plans, where I could decompress at my own speed.

Through the weekend's bittersweetness, I saw many of the little blessings that allow me to indulge in such weekend plans. The things I so often take for granted -- a geographic location with interesting nearby cities, my own car, a small disposable income to spend as I choose, and a job that gives me weekends off.
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