Friday, March 15, 2019

A Friends Weekend in "The Big City"

March 8-10, 2019

A trio of friends visited over the weekend, spending the first few days of spring break (one's in law school and another's finishing a PhD) in D.C. to catch the sites and see Aurora -- our favorite tiny Norwegian singer -- in concert. One of the three had never been to D.C. before, so the bulk of the weekend was devoted to the basics: Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Capitol, Jefferson Memorial, The Mall + accompanying monuments, and the National Gallery of Art. 

The other two had visited multiple times, so we intermixed local food favorites with the touristy sites to keep it interesting: brunches at Ted's and Due South, drinks at Bluejacket, empanadas and cookies at Union Kitchen Grocery, pizza at All-Purpose, and subs at Sundevich. 

We crisscrossed the city in pursuit of a full weekend, walking over 10 miles a day. By Sunday night, everyone was tired enough to attempt naps in the cramped theater seats before Aurora walked onstage.

One of the visiting friends and I had seen Aurora four years ago in Germany, when she had barely four songs to her name and was just beginning to tour. This tour, she's two albums in, with more elaborate stage production and many more dance moves. 

Welcoming friends to my newer home is always fun and gives me a chance to re-explore the "big city," but it's also inevitably an exhausting time spent herding people through a mass transit system and walking miles upon miles. As happy as I was to see everyone arrive, my feet were equally happy to see them all go.

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