Friday, October 19, 2018

Birthday Weekend in Raleigh

October 12-15, 2018

Took a little roadtrip home for my birthday weekend and made the most of being back by jamming all my family and friends into coffee and food dates.

Cookout trays with my brother // sorely missed in D.C., the closest is in Fredericksburg

Running along the East Coast Greenway

Horchata latte at Global Village with my dad + sister // family + friends birthday dinner at Doherty's

Sunday morning coffee with parents at BREW

Blue corn cookies from Union Special Bread // sparkling apple cider (with earl grey tea ice cubes) at Jubala with J + C

Poke bowls + NC brews at Morgan Street Food Hall with parents + B

Double birthday morning breakfast: Bruegger's with family (Western on rosemary & olive oil forever) // mini donuts + maple cinnamon latte with L

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