Sunday, September 30, 2018

Life Lately | September

September. The first few hints of the coming autumn, with mornings spent relishing the crisp air before the heat sweeps in by the afternoon.

The return of the standard school year, and with it increased morning traffic and regular community meetups. The beginnings of new chapters -- of volunteering at nearby English classes, of an after-church book club with friends, of rearranged small groups at church. 

Travels to nearby cities in nearby states on a long holiday weekend. Reading, and plenty of it.

Choosing early mornings, even as the sun takes longer to rise, because there's something so wonderful about being in a busy city before the streets are awake and buzzing.

Taking advantage of a national celebration of museums then stumbling upon our local neighborhood street fair by accident.

A final goodbye to summer and a welcome hello to my favorite six months of the year.

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