Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 | Summer Goals

In contrast to last year, where the blazes of the summer sun had been beating down on earth for months already by the time we reached June, this year has been mild thus far (living 300 miles more northward probably has something to do with it). I can count on two hands the number of days we've had above 90 degrees (32 C), so summer feels a smidge more welcome to me than in years past. With the start of the season upon us, I've made a few goals to help me structure my time in the upcoming months.

  • save part of every paycheck // living in an expensive city on a small income means there's not much leftover every month, but I don't want to be caught off guard if an emergency happens
  • find a few ways to make some extra cash // as I do have a small income, it would be nice to have a second stream of money, even if just enough to cover small expenses
Self & health //
  • read Der Spiegel (in German) once a week
  • practice German on duolingo // it will never be as good as it once was, but I'm determined to maintain at least a basic working knowledge
  • maintain a regular exercise schedule // trying to maintain 2 runs, 1-2 strength/cardio, and 1 yoga a week
  • sign up for and train for a half marathon this fall
  • read 5 books I own but haven't yet read
Local //
  • visit the second Air & Space Museum in Chantilly // I've visited the D.C. one many times but have never made it out to its other location
  • go to a Nats game // edit: I did this by the time this list went up
  • hike at Great Falls Park
  • explore D.C. neighborhoods in depth // Shaw, NoMa, Petworth, U Street, H Street, Waterfront, and Navy Yard in particular
Travel //
  • visit Annapolis // edit: I also did this by the time this list went up
  • visit a small town on the Eastern Shore
  • visit NYC // flights are already booked!
  • explore beaches "close" to D.C. // possibly cover all the nearby states (Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey)

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