Monday, March 19, 2018


I have accepted that I only photograph well laughing over cups of coffee.

The Girl in the Blue Jacket --> A Little Life

Another few years, another name change.

I adopted the name The Girl in the Blue Jacket in 2015 after spending a whirlwind six months studying abroad in Germany, where my friends and I jokingly referred to our weekend trips to nearby cities and countries as our “blue jacket adventures” after the blue rain jacket I constantly wore. The name worked while I was in college; I was carrying on the same spirit of adventure as I figured out what my next steps in life were. 

But now, three years on, the name doesn’t fit as well anymore. I’m no longer a girl running around trying to figure out my life; I’m in the post-grad phase, working at a real job and paying for my own insurance and generally being a grown-up. The term “girl” feels restrictive, and the blue jacket no longer exists (it never made it back from Germany, actually). And with the name chafing on me every time the thought of it crossed my mind, I knew I needed to make a change.

And so, A Little Life. I took the name from Hanya Yanagihara’s brilliant book of the same name, having glanced at my bookshelf in a moment of creative mental block and caught the name on the spine. A Little Life encapsulates how I view my life and what I want it to be.

I take the name two ways.

The first — an observation on my position in life. I have never been, nor have ever desired to be, some great world changer. I'm happy occupying the corner of life God has granted me, living it out how I best can. A little life — a recognition of my relative insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

The second — a challenge to myself to continue to be inspired. A little life — the choice to give life to everything I do rather than drudge through the same old-same old.

But as purposeful as this name change is, I'm not setting out to write a manifesto for the future of this space or committing to doing something new. If anything, I'm scaling back what I've set up. I'm no longer promoting posts on Twitter or linking my page under my name everywhere, I changed my Instagram handle to my given name rather than having everything "branded," and I'm continuing to not put effort into making my posts Pinterest-friendly. I started this blog five years ago as a way to document my life for myself, and while I've experimented with blogging trends and social media tricks the last few years, I'm reining it back in to be simply what I started it to be. 


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