Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Weekend in Raleigh

Raleigh, NC | February 16-19, 2018

I returned to Raleigh for a quick trip over President's Day weekend, ready to see my cats and friends and family. I had a nightmarish flight situation with a 17 hour delay so my trip was more tightly scheduled and less relaxing than I had hoped for, but I was still able to accomplish everything I wanted: drink coffee at Jubala, hang out with almost all of my Raleigh friends and even one visiting from Charlotte, stop in at at Cup a Joe, force my cats to accept my love, and eat real barbeque.

Having only been gone for seven weeks, it felt a little anticlimactic to return to Raleigh. I haven't had a chance to get homesick, and I don't feel totally out of my depth in D.C. because I've spent extended time here before, so it was more like a nice little trip to see the people (and animals) I love before resuming "normal life" than it was a needed break from big city living. D.C. can certainly be aggravating, but going home and seeing my old haunts was a good reminder that, as much as I love Raleigh, I'm completely happy with where I'm making my life now (sorry mom and dad -- no imminent plans to return soon). 

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