Monday, November 20, 2017

Hi, I'm Kate

I've often privately lamented the lack of personality present in the blogging world today. I've been running this tiny little corner of the internet for 4+ years now, and though I'm not an "old timer" like so many others, I have still seen so many bloggers transition from having personal blogs to running professional websites. There's nothing wrong with wanting to make a living doing something you love and I'm not looking down on anyone's decision to accept sponsorship or brand deals, but it seems as though in the pursuit to make a hobby monetarily worthwhile, many bloggers have traded in their writing personalities for WordPress-approved readability and in the process now all sound exactly alike. There are many people I've stopped following because in the very process of appealing to wider audiences, they've lost the spark that attracted me to their sites in the first place. The people I follow and have continued to follow remain well-loved by me because even if they write about things I can't relate to (sponsored or otherwise), I appreciate the personality they fuse with their words onscreen.

I was recently inspired by this post by Camilla (who was herself inspired by this piece by Hannah and this one from Chloe) to get a little more personal with this space and ask who I am and why I'm here. As previously mentioned I've been writing this space for over four years, and while it's gone through numerous name changes and has covered a multitude of life changes, it has remained, at its essence, what I originally intended it to be - a public journal of sorts where I can document my life. This primarily involves photo heavy posts about where I travel, both around the globe and within my home state and city, and what I'm reading/watching at the moment, along with an occasional personal essay or couple of sentences about the current month.

But who I, the person behind the words?

Let's start with the basics: Hi, I'm Kate. I'm a twenty-three-year-old from Raleigh, North Carolina, a mid-size city situated squarely in the middle of a state in the middle of the East Coast. Despite being born and raised in the South and being very opinionated about the superiority of Eastern-style BBQ to all other varieties, I relate to very few of the classic Southern stereotypes (I have a standard American accent, I never say "y'all," and I abhor sweet tea).

I'm a Christian and grew up going to church nearly every Sunday. I lived in a predominantly white, Republican-leaning, affluent area, and I'm still trying to sort through how my upbringing, the reality of the world as a whole, and the truth of salvation through grace and what it entails work together.

I graduated magna cum laude from NC State with a degree in International Studies + Economics but all of my professional work experience is in nonprofit communications (though I've held four separate barista positions in the past five years and I will call you out on badly pulled espresso shots). I was perpetually shy as a child and grew up with a constantly fluctuating group of friends, and though I adore spending time with "my" people, I'm also quite happy spending most of my time alone.

I fall into a general category of cliches: I love cats, old books, coffee, indie pop, and plants. I read around 100 books a year and make weekly trips to my local library. I've killed almost every plant I owned so now I buy lots of fake ones. I gravitate toward black clothing but am constantly covered my cats' orange and white fur. I have a very dry sense of humor with a dark edge (think some sort of bizarre hybrid between Wednesday Addams and Ben Wyatt).

I studied abroad in Germany three years ago and still can't manage to shut up about it. I attend a fair number of concerts with my sister and/or my best friend and am obsessed with the idea of the collective memories that they bring. I spent a few months living in Washington DC and while I love the city, the city does not love my budget.

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up; what I studied doesn't much overlap with where my work experience is. I love to write but am probably not bold or self-marketing enough to ever hack it as a full-time freelancer. I'm paralysed by the thought of failure. I use the British-centric use of "s" instead of "z" in words like "paralyse" and "cosy" because I have a ridiculous view of aesthetics and think the "z" looks too harsh.

I like to ramble, evidenced by the above 800+ words of exposition.

So - this is me. A somewhat contradictory woman uncertain about her position in the world who's ready to go out and tackle it anyway.

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