Friday, November 10, 2017

Five Favorite DC Bookstores

A new city to live in over the summer meant new bookstores to find, and find them I did. Between working two jobs and the standard new city exploring I didn't quite get to all of them, but I did visit more than my fair share. I've narrowed down my favorites to five: a bookstore + cafe combo, three used bookshops, and one for book cover lovers.

Kramerbooks | Dupont Circle
Open 7:30a-1a Sunday-Saturday
One of the most famous indie bookstores in DC, Kramerbooks features of wide variety of recently published books and regularly hosts authors and book club events. The storefront is always bustling, but what really sets Kramerbooks apart is Afterwords, the cafe in the back. Afterwords' upscale offerings are pricey but delicious and make for a nice break from the hustle and bustle up front.

Second Story Books | Dupont Circle
Open 10a-10p Sunday-Saturday
Across the circle from Kramerbooks lies Second Story Books, a store that specialises in rare, out-of-print, and used books. It's been one of the largest used and rare bookstores since 1973 and all of its staff are extremely knowledgeable about what's in stock. Even if rare books aren't your thing, Second Story Books is worth a look-through for all of its unique picks.

Riverby Books | Capitol Hill
Open 11a-7p Sunday-Saturday
Riverby Books is my favorite bookstore in DC; its selection of used books is incredible and the staff is always friendly. Though not exactly hidden, it feels like to a gem to stumble upon, as it's located in a quiet neighborhood behind the Folger Shakespeare Library. Both the location on Capitol Hill and its sister store in Fredericksburg are incredibly cozy on the inside and are the perfect place to spend an hour or two perusing the shelves during unpleasant weather.

Capitol Hill Books | Capitol Hill
Open 11:30a-6p Monday-Friday, 9a-6p Saturday-Sunday
Capitol Hill Books is my future house inspiration. It's incredibly messy on the inside; while the sections are "organised," it looks more like a jumble of shelves and stacks of books piled together haphazardly with hilarious handwritten signs to direct buyers. It's not a place to stop in quickly, but if you want an unusual book-buying experience and don't mind some sassy quips from the owner, it's well worth a stop.

Bridge Street Books | Georgetown
Open 11a-9p,Monday-Thursday, 11a-10p Friday-Saturday, 12p-6p Sunday
Bridge Street Books is an absolute delight of an indie bookstore. Open since 1980, it's housed in a cozy brick building and contains a wide range of both fiction and nonfiction with the most beautiful book covers. While Bridge Street Books does sell new releases and general fiction, their second story contains an incredible selection of religious and historical nonfiction and is well worth a perusal, if only for the book covers.

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