Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ramblings, iii

disconnected journal entries

i. // 8.18
July was a month spent out of my own headspace, like I was detached, floating somewhere undefined where thoughts make no lasting impression and the days pass in an unremembered blur. August, though has been an intentional push back to where I know I should be and it feels good. I’m reclaiming things about myself and owning them: reading books I’m actually interested in, exploring DC the way I do Raleigh, engaging with where I am instead of being a passive bystander.

ii. // 8.27
I spend Friday night at a friend’s house. We eat curry chicken and sugar cookies with coconut frosting and watch a Shakespeare play on YouTube and a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween special, spending time in between to discuss weighty topics like sexual identities and gender roles. It’s refreshing to talk to an intelligent person about intelligent topics, something I’ve sorely missed since graduating from college.

iii. // 8.28
My internship in DC is finished and I don’t have plans yet for the time after, but I know I’m not done with DC yet. I haven’t gone vintage shopping in AdMo. I’ve barely scratched the surface of U Street and Logan’s Circle. I haven’t even set my eyes on Columbia Heights and Petworth. I haven’t visited all the museums, taken part in all of the prominent food stops, eaten at all the DC chains, visited all the bookstores, strolled through all the gardens and green spaces. I haven’t even been to Maryland.

iv. // 9/8
It's Hopscotch weekend in Raleigh, a citywide music + design festival that fills the bars and galleries of downtown with young, lively spirit. It was an annually attended event as an undergraduate, a series of free daytime parties at local establishments and evenings of long-anticipated musical shows at City Plaza. But these days, my time is planned so little in advance that I didn't know I would be in the city until the day of, and it happens around me even as I fail to attend. And yet - St. Vincent, the first person I ever saw at Hopscotch, has a new single out, and my eyes are busy drinking in everything I've missed in Raleigh, and I spend my weekend out in my city, reliving past Hopscotch seasons with St. Vincent's repeated how can anyone have you and lose you and not lose their minds? playing through my head again and again.

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