Friday, May 26, 2017

NCMA | Museum Park

May 10, 2017

I mentioned as part of my May goals list that I wanted to walk through the NCMA park, which I'd never done before. I initially planned on only walking the Blue Loop, a 1-mile paved path that circles the museum grounds, but upon looking at a map decided to follow some of the side trails that led into the woods and across the highway.

The sun was blazing and the trails were steep at times but there were few people out, making for a pleasantly quiet stroll despite the path's close proximity to the highway. The wooded trails also feature their own assortment of outdoor art pieces, making for a welcome addition to the otherwise ordinary walkways.

Before I left, I stopped off to see some of the exhibits inside. I still hold a grudge against the museum for removing my favorite piece from their collection, but I always visit the West Building to walk around the European paintings and Egyptian artifacts.

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