Monday, April 3, 2017

April Goals

The warm weather seems to be here to stay and with it, the unofficial beginning of my least favourite season: summer. The most of my weather-related problems currently include (reluctantly) trading in my hot coffee for the iced variety and actually getting sweaty while running (ew, sorry). In the past April has been the month where the school semester winds down, and even though I'm no longer in school my internship at a refugee resettlement agency does end this month, and so in a way I am still closing a chapter of life. In addition, I have quite a few weekends booked up already and I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends and celebrating new relationships (and maybe sneaking in a beach trip too?).

In the spirit of busyness, here are five goals for this month (largely recycled from March but still all relevant):
  • continue applying for jobs
  • finish all books I borrowed from the office and return them
  • pitch 2 or more writing ideas to online publishers
  • continue purging my belongings
  • reintroduce pilates into my workout schedule

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