Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life Lately | March

March was both the storm and the calm. I felt like I was doing something every minute yet I also felt incredibly relaxed and inspired. I took a weekend trip to the Outer Banks with several girlfriends, followed closely by a few days in Charleston with my mom. These two trips - made possible by some time off work - gave my mind a welcome change of pace, as nothing gets me more excited than the chance to explore a new city.

This March also marked 4 years writing on this online space, and I took advantage of my excitement/pride and bought a real domain name! Although it doesn't make a huge difference as I've kept the same name, it is nice knowing I have my my own site without the "blogspot" tacked on. (I am still running into issues with Disqus though - anyone good at problem shooting??)

I've also been able to settle into some new routines and opportunities in my local city. I committed to attending the same church every week and joined a small group through it, giving me the chance to meet some new people. A local media group named Offline invited me into their Influencers group, which means I gain more connections to do interesting things in my city (including getting free tickets to a beer festival in early April). I had the chance to see Cold War Kids and Flogging Molly in concert, both of which I've loved since high school. Through my internship, I was given the chance to organise a social media campaign, and as part of it, interview an Afghan woman who, along with her family, were resettled as refugees in my area last year. As I primarily work with volunteers, it was incredible getting to meet someone on the other side of the organisation. March brought some interesting changes to my life, and I'm excited to see how they pan out over the next year.

Watching // Iron Fist (not sure yet how I feel about it)
Viewing // Beauty & the Beast (I'm obsessed... saw it twice in one weekend)
Listening // Hot Thoughts by Spoon
Reading // The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides
Planning // April weekends - so far a beer festival, a 5K race, a bridal shower, and a wedding

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