Thursday, February 16, 2017

Historic Oakwood

January 29, 2017

Raleigh - specifically downtown Raleigh - has numerous historic neighbourhoods full of gorgeous old homes. My favourite running route when I was a student was a five-mile loop that would take me through the heart of several of these old neighbourhoods, and I always slowed my pace to admire the houses.

One of the neighbourhoods that I was never able to make it to was Historic Oakwood and its surrounding streets as it was just a little too far to attempt on foot. After graduating, I made it my mission to reach the area and spend some time wandering around, and one Sunday afternoon I found myself with some unexpected free time and made the most of it.

The houses in the area are a mix of huge, beautiful mansions housing government and nonprofit offices and small, crumbling homes ripe for ghost sightings. The contrast is striking, and I happily explored the streets at random.

The impending rain brought my visit to an abrupt end, but I wouldn't mind getting the chance to meander through the streets again and see the neighbourhood in greater depth.

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