Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January Goals

It's a new year, a new period of life, a new time of planning ahead, yada yada yada. As I've gone on about several times now, I've recently graduated college and have temporarily moved back in with my parents while I search for a job. While I was initially hesitant to set anything back up in my old room, I've come to realise I'll be here for at least a few more weeks. It makes sense to set up a desk space so I have a regular place to work in and to set some goals for the month so I'm not just sitting around my house all the time, using my - I mean my mom's - new espresso machine day after day to make cup after cup of coffee in my pajama pants.

  • get a job / keep applying to jobs every day
  • close all of my browser tabs each day // I'm horrible at doing this and wake up every day with a minimum of 10
  • read 10 books
  • get the ball rolling on collaborative writing projects // send emails, sort editorial responsibilities, etc.
  • visit CB in Charlotte
  • visit a nearby small historical city // I'm hoping for Pittsboro or Hillsborough
  • try at least one new restaurant downtown

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