Friday, December 16, 2016

7 Things I Learned at University

Today's the day! Today I officially complete my undergraduate degree by walking across the stage in a horrendously bright red cap and gown with some of my dearest friends. Even though I'm graduating a semester early, it still feels like it's been a long, long time since high school and I'm ready to move onto the next thing. As always, it wouldn't be graduation if I didn't throw in some hastily worded advice from my completely qualified 22-year-old self, so here's 7 things I learned in college that I wish I'd learned before college.

  • you don't need a "best" friend. it's better to have several very close friends or a close knit group of friends than it is it rely on a single person to be your "best."
  • in that same vein, find friends who inspire you to be your best self. if you feel like you're always competing with your peers to be the best, you need better friends. you'll meet people in college that are so perfect for you they'll make you want to cry.
  • don't run from femininity. it's easy to internalise misogyny and pride yourself on "not being like other girls," but the truth is girls ROCK and it's a damn shame you didn't appreciate them sooner in life. #ovariesbeforebrovaries
  • at this stage of life, boys are almost never worth your time. for the most part you won't be interested in them and they won't be interested in you, and you'll find you're much happier without one.
  • don't shrink into yourself so much. there's a difference between charging your interverted socialising battery and spending 4 days by yourself going far far too deep into your own thoughts.
  • find your work rhythm and get comfortable with it. you will listen to the same escala album every time you study for finals every semester and you will still love it at the end.
  • it's good to get out of your comfort zone, but it's also okay to say no to things. it's good to take big risks and move to germany for six months, but it's also okay to turn down every invitation to go out clubbing. trust me, you're always happier when you choose to curl up with a new book and an oversized mug of coffee.

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