Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Run Through Raleigh History

November 17, 2016

I unexpectedly found myself with a free Thursday - no class, no work, no social obligations of any kind - and took the opportunity to spend the day downtown. I live a mere two miles from the heart of the city and there's a running trail that leads directly there, so after sleeping in a few extra hours I threw on some running shoes and jogged my way downtown.

The weather was perfectly crisp and the sky startlingly blue, and despite the time of day there were plenty of people milling about taking the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. After seeing a large elementary school group passing by on their way to the museums, I  dropped my original day plan and decided to join in on the educational fun. It'd been years since I'd visited the museums downtown yet I remember countless Saturday mornings spent walking through the dinosaur rooms and laughing at the sloth in the butterfly room - and decided to relive a bit of childhood.

The Museum of Natural Science required only a quick look-through, as I'd been so many times before and nothing much had changed. However I'd only been to the Museum of History once as part of a school trip and had found it fairly boring. As I'm now a few years older I gave it another shot, and to my surprise found numerous exhibits that I loved. My favourite was the Selma to Montgomery exhibit, which featured Spider Martin's powerful images of the 54-mile march for civil rights in the 1960s.

I'm hoping/planning on moving away from Raleigh, out of the state after I graduate this semester, and I plan on spending as many spare moments as I can visiting all the places I love in this city before I leave. This day was one of those perfect nostalgia-driven days, and I hope to happen upon a few more of them before the year is over.

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