Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Life Lately | November

Most of November is a haze of frustrated late nights at the library fuelled by black coffee, furiously typing and retyping portions of my senior thesis, loving my topic but hating my inadequacies at research. It's a mess of frantic job applications, writing cover letter after cover letter for jobs I want, companies and agencies I admire, hoping wishing praying to be considered a worthy candidate. It's the moment of hope when seeing the grade on my rough draft and realising I'm doing better than I thought. It's the application for a dream job in Milan only to get a rejection email a day later.

And despite all the rushing, the writing, the endless coffees and the long library nights, there are good things too. A five day Thanksgiving break meant a trip down to Georgia and the time to read and finish five books. Presenting my research on the first day of presentations means no more assignments until finals. The job applications led to the first request for a phone interview. The search for jobs led to finding positions I didn't even know were open, for previously untapped dream roles. Research writing led to delirious nights of fun with friends in the library. 

As of today, there are only three days left of classes, of senior year, of my undergraduate degree. Three days of class, two finals, and one thesis are all that separate me from the end of 16.5 years of education. It's thrilling and it's scary and it's a time long in the making that I can hardly believe is here. 

Watching // How to Get Away With Murder (that ending?!)
Viewing // Dr. Strange
Listening // "Palms" by Rationale, "Film Club" by Childcare, "On Hold" by The xx, "Dog Years" by Maggie Rogers
Reading // The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Planning // graduation + postgrad

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