Friday, September 30, 2016

Life Lately | September

As always, this September was stuffed with music of every variety in every setting: an electro-indie show packed into a tiny bar in downtown Durham, an appearance as the youngest audience member at 70s rock nostalgia trip, a seven hour trip down to Atlanta to sweat my skin off in the muggy sunshine and dance in a mud pit at a festival, a quick trip downtown to see one of my favourite women in rock that began with a fender bender.

Amongst the concerts and weekend trips to nearby states hovers a never-ending pile of school work; as the semester picks up speed, impending assignment due dates loom closer and closer. I'm only taking my final three courses this semester to graduate yet I'm so busy running back and forth between these senior level classes and my internship that I feel just as busy as I did when I had 5 classes.

Yet life is good and it's been one of my most gratifying semesters in school, where I'm surrounded by good people and I'm satisfied by what I'm doing. Even though the semester stretches on for another few months, I'm happy staying here, in the in-between of the last of my school days and the start of my real work days.

Watching // Atlanta, Poldark, Halt and Catch Fire, The Good Place
Viewing // Bridget Jones's Baby
Listening // The Altar by BANKS, "The Greatest" by Sia
Reading // Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit
Planning // Fall break

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