Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Last First Day of Class

As I only have one semester left at university and 6 month apartment leases are hard to find, I've found myself once again living in a dorm room until the semester is over. As far as dorms go, it's not bad - I have single room tucked into a corner suite in a building sheltered by large pines, which means the A/C is able to handle the intensely humid Carolina heat and I share the space with only myself.

I feel in many ways that my senior year of university is a repeat of my senior year of high school - I'm only taking 9 credit hours, I'm commuting to the same nearby city multiple times a week (then for school, now for work), my friends are splitting off into what they want to do post-grad, and I feel suddenly rushed to decide what I'm really trying to accomplish, now and in the future. It's a strange feeling, knowing that I'm at the very end of a long period of my life and will soon be stepping out into the utter unknown.

These final few months of school feel like I'm already halfway into the real world. Today - my last first day of class - was preceded by two days of job training for an internship in a field where I will potentially work post-grad, and my time this semester will be evenly split between mornings in class and afternoons in the office. It's exciting and it's scary, but no more so than usual - every semester has brought its share of excitement and trials, and everything has come together so well this semester that I feel ready for whatever it brings.

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