Monday, June 13, 2016

Ellie Goulding | Delirium World Tour

June 10, 2016

Ellie Goulding has been one of my favourite musicians since nearly the beginning of her career - I first discovered "Lights" and "Starry Eyed" mid-2010 and watched as her career took off post-Royal Wedding. Six years after first falling in love with her music, Ellie  finally performed in my city. My sister - also a big Ellie fan - and I received general admission pit tickets for Christmas and we eagerly counted down the 6+ months until the show.

The show effectively killed two birds with one stone, as her opener was Matt & Kim, a Brooklyn-based duo that I've wanted to see for years. Their set was unapologetically crazy from start to finish; Kim stood on top of her drumset and twerked, announced that she was starting an "itty bitty titty gang" for herself and all her small-chested friends, and told fans to come closer to the stage so she could shoot "f*** me eyes" at them. 

After a brief wait, Ellie took the stage and owned the rest of the night. Opening with "Delirium / Aftertaste" and quickly moving into older favourites like "Goodness Gracious," she kept the show fun and light, only slowing down a few times to play stripped down versions of "Lights" and "Devotion" before ramping it back up with dance-filled numbers. She primarily played tracks from the new album - I counted 17 out of the album's 22 - but carried the crowd through older pieces as well.

Despite a minor mic malfunction during - what else? - "Anything Could Happen," the night was perfection from start to finish, and I could not have asked for a better performance from one of my favourite musicians.

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