Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life Lately | March

I often say that life is so crazy/busy/intense, but March honestly hit me like a train. I spent my weeklong spring break completely unplugged from reality on a ship in the Bahamas, only to return and be bowled over by neverending assignments and the impending advent of term paper deadlines. My position at work is changing as I move into more responsibilities, and I'm very, very ready for the semester to be over so I can move into summer break.

Amidst the panicky midnight moments and the early mornings in silent library reading rooms, I've celebrated dear friends' birthdays with expensive cheesecake, watched Better Call Saul with quad friends armed with cider and salty plantain chips, introduced a German to North Carolina BBQ whilst he visited for a weekend, caught up with much-missed friends from exchange. March was a trainwreck, but despite the insanity there were always moments of silliness and adventure and companionship, and I'm so blessed to have such quality people around me.

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