Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 | Fall Semester Rewind

Autumn 2015

After a seemingly endless semester followed by a dragged-out exam schedule, I am finally free! Because of my "extra" credits from high school dual-enrollment and study abroad classes I'm graduating next December, a semester early, making this fall my "junior year." With the rushed schedule came the oft constant sense of anxiety as life caught up to me with the sobering realisation that I only have a year left of planned life - school - before heading out into the great unknown of Reality. Returning from a fairly easy semester abroad with only 5 hours of class a week to a 17 hour semester full of ever approaching deadlines was a struggle for the first few weeks, but by October I had straightened myself out and managed to come out with good final marks.

With the future-centric anxiety came good times too. I caught up with friends I hadn't seen in 8 months, made some new friends, went to plenty of good concerts, explored more of my home city, turned 21, and went on more coffee dates than my wallet could handle. Many of the skills and sense of independence from living abroad stayed with me, and I came back to my university with a new set of experiences and sense of exploration that I happily put to good use. In short, life moves on, and I've tried to be more spontaneous and open to new things in hopes of catching it all. The spring semester will bring its own beast of plans and I'm excited for the coming months.

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