Monday, November 30, 2015

Life Lately | November

November was the very definition of a mixed bag of cats. One of my favourite bars closed, ending a short but adventurous era of taking chances on local bands and beers with radio DJ friends. The hard drive in my laptop died the week before finals, leaving me frantically borrowing laptops from family members and Apple devices from the library and cautiously transferring my smattering of microfinance research around for a week while writing a final paper. With the final few weeks of the semester came the oft bittersweet feeling of a meaningful period of time coming to an end, this time the end of junior year. Last semester I was leaving a continent and this time it's only the usual university scene, yet as next spring marks the start of my senior year I'm quickly realising just how little time I have left in school.

As evidenced from the almost complete lack of posts this month, I've hit a bit of a creative rut. I've become far too busy worrying about microeconomic calculations and papers on Indonesian education and impending finals to have time to sit and write about anything other than academic topics, and I'm looking forward to having nearly a month off school so I have time to conjure up some creative energy once again. I'm itching for new adventures and I can't wait for a drop in responsibilities to allow me to indulge in them. November was strange, but December holds the promise of better times.

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