Friday, October 30, 2015

Life Lately | October

October felt like a dream, for the good and for the bad. On the one hand, the autumn weather is here to stay, which means I can bring out my boots and crewneck sweatshirts and live in a comfortable, cosy state. I turned 21 this month, opening up a whole realm of fun options, but most importantly no more underage surcharges for local gigs at bars (LBLB, I'm looking at you). I attended numerous concerts - big names and local bands - and a music festival, thrived during a week of rain brought on by a hurricane (thanks Joaquin), made it past the halfway point in the semester, and spent more time with my pets than I'd previously anticipated (it's the little things). On the other hand, the midway semester point means a deluge of midterms and the second half of the semester brings an insane number of impending assignment deadlines, which can only be countered with endless pots of coffee. With only a year left at university and the plethora of a adult decisions needing to be made, my life currently resembles the cartoon of a dog claiming "everything is fine" while sitting in a burning house. Despite the stress and the intense schedule I've maintained my sanity thus far, and with the holidays coming up in the next two months I look forward to having more opportunities to break up the work load and procrastinate on making heavy decisions.

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