Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oktoberfest at Busch Gardens

September 27, 2015

Busch Gardens Williamsburg lies a short distance from my grandparents' house and naturally we go quite frequently to get our thrills in. In recent years we've opted for amusement parks closer to home so it had been a while since we'd gone to Busch, but as we were already spending the weekend in Virginia we set aside a day to visit the Europe themed park.

We went the first weekend of Howl-O-Scream, Busch's annual Halloween celebration, and as such the park was filled with pumpkins, monsters sets and scarecrow dummies - who at night are switched to actors dressed up and ready to jump out at unsuspecting park guests. The day was mostly overcast with an imminent threat of rain which - luckily for us - deterred most of the crowds. For the first few hours we were often the only ones on the coasters and had zero wait time on the other rides. As the day day progressed more people showed up to get some rides in before the evening Halloween scares started, but the park still remained unbusy. 

We spent the morning and early afternoon riding the various coasters and rides, then fueled up at the Smokehouse before heading on to watch all the shows we could squeeze into the next few hours. As it had been a few years since our last trip there were a few new rides we hadn't ridden before, including the German Black Forest themed "Verbolten" (I was the only one in my family who enjoyed it) and the brief, twisty "Tempesto." At the end of the day as more crowds rushed in we stopped at the London Dairy, then, exhausted, made our way out of the park and on the road back home.

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