Monday, July 6, 2015

Hozier Tour

June 19, 2015

I returned home from Germany a week earlier than originally planned so that I could see Hozier perform in my hometown. I invited a friend from high school and together we impatiently waited through The Antlers' opening set for Hozier to start. The Antlers were forced to cut their final song short and exit the stage as a thunderstorm arrived and lightning threatened the venue's safety. 

As the crew frantically raced across the stage to cover the instruments and sound equipment with plastic sheeting, the crowd was told to evacuate to the car park across the street until the storm passed over. Rain poured from the sky and as soon as we reached the bottom floor of the deck the thunder boomed directly over our heads. A few people left, not willing to wait it out, but one girl, before pulling her car out of the deck, opened the windows and blasted Hozier's "Work Song" out of her speakers to the waiting crowd. The mood instantly shifted from impatient to cheerful as hundreds of soaking wet people sang the words to each other. As the song ended and the driver pulled out of the deck, the crowd cheered and the atmosphere changed to a happy waiting for the show to go on as planned.

Nearly an hour after the forced evacuation, the crowd was allowed back into the venue and Hozier began his set. Due to the wait and the rain, the crowd was even more amped up than before and the excitement was palpable in the air. He opened with the simple, beautiful "Like Real People Do" before revving up the night with "Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene." Each song was incredible and it was clear that everyone on and off stage was enjoying themselves. Despite the strict city curfew Hozier played a three song encore, including a fantastic cover of Ariana Grande's "Problem" - "just for funsies," as he put it. He finished the night with "Work Song," made even more special for the crowd because of the moment in the parking deck. Despite the storm and the rain delay, it was truly fun, incredible show, made to remember.

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