Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015 | June Albums

Barely a week of June has passed but four musical artists have already released material that I've been waiting months to hear so I couldn't wait until the end of the month to talk about them.

Earth Not Above - EP
The London-based trio released their debut EP following their two singles - Dust, an instant Zane Lowe hit, and Earth Not Above, a favourite with the blogosphere. Earth Not Above - EP follows their expansive electronic/pop formula, reaching into even more abstract space with each track. Hælos combines pop structures with electronic sensibilities, making for airy arrangement that sounds like how a peaceful night feels.
Favourite track: Ethyr

Florence + the Machine
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Florence + the Machine's third, highly anticipated album is a masterful work, keeping the core essence of the band's signature sound while stripping away everything else. Elements left behind include the fantasy-esque lyrics and delicate metaphors, traded in for bold brass and cutting statements. Florence returns with a bold outlook on failed romance, focusing on no one particular emotion but bringing listeners on a complete journey. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful was well worth the four year wait and I'm excited to see where this release leads Florence in the future.
Favourite tracks: What Kind of Man, Queen of Peace, Delilah, Make Up Your Mind

Muse's seventh studio album finds the band stripping the experimental elements present on their previous two albums from their sound and returning to their rock anthem origins. Far from sounding like their earlier works, however, Drones builds on their most recent releases by presenting a theme of its own: a concept album about the wartime use of human drones mindlessly following orders. The subject matter feels a little ridiculous at times but there's plenty of good rock moments that make for a fun listen.
Favourite tracks: Psycho, The Handler

Of Monsters and Men
Beneath the Skin
After spending an entire summer listening almost exclusively to Of Monsters and Men's debut album in 2012, I hoped their success wasn't a fluke. Three years later with their sophomore release, I think it's safe to say they're even better than before. Where My Head Is An Animal had light vibes and felt like a calm beach day (partially inspired by its cover art), Beneath the Skin feels distinctly like winter with a more solemn tone running through its tracks. I love the new twist in sound and I know I will have this album on repeat for months to come.
Favourite tracks: Slow Life, Thousand Eyes

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