Saturday, May 30, 2015

Life Lately | May

While April felt like one adventure after another with very little responsibility permeating through to my daily life, May was a trip back to reality. With only one big weekend trip (Berlin) and no venturing outside of Germany, I had a better opportunity to see more of my local area and spend more time with friends in Mannheim. As the semester draws to a close I've found myself spending more time with friends in coffee shops and cafes, treasuring these final few weeks of time together before we all return to our home countries. My school load has also picked up again now that exams and papers' due dates are imminent.

More importantly however, is the process of returning home. With only a little more than two weeks left, I have started the moving process - packing up my belongings, setting up checkout appointments and remembering to file important paperwork, deregistering from and closing various accounts, all while finishing up two term papers and preparing for life back in the States. All the impending stress will be worth it when I am finally back, and I cannot wait to hug my pets for a week straight when I'm home.

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